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Get on stage!


The drummer isn't showing off an eager attitude, and the rest of the band's got enough of it. Now he has to choose whether to go or stay. ---- An assignment for Cultural Education (ckv), the objective was to make a movie of one minute. We came up with the idea that music is a thing which brings (and keeps) people together and makes them happy. As showed in this short, the drummer has his doubts about playing in the band, but the music convinces him. - We made quite some effort to organize the shooting, as you don't just have a stage where you can film. We filmed in HDV, using the Sony Z1u. We had no good mic, so we were forced to use the internal one, which is a pity. For the lighting backstage we used a construction spot, which gave out a warm, intense light. It enhanced the picture very well I think. And remember: Music!

Love the video
Çarşamba, 09 Mart 2011 01:44
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Salı, 08 Mart 2011 23:51



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